A Co-operation between Haifa - Berlin

Zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung am 08. 07. 2015 Galerie Verein Berliner Künstler I Berlin

In addition to a basic understanding of artistic work and the provision of a peaceful co-existence, belongs the acknowledgement of differences.
Different historical, political, religious and biographical backgrounds cause diverse cultural contexts. In this specific way, the realities of artistic discourse are challenged.

It is a beautiful utopia, that global and informal international exchange helps in the understanding and empathy of the political, economical and human aspects of life – and that working conditions can be developed, also those of the artists, by experiencing ways of living in other societies and countries.

The relationship between Israel and German artists are also essentially characterized through the impressions of the historical burden and political terms. Cultural exchanges and individual encounters between artists from both countries have always still other, still further and bigger barrieres to cross.

The failure of normal co-operation between German and Israel artists and cultural institutions are burdened through our joint history. Distinguished through past German guilt and through the aftereffects based on the destruction of Israel biographies. As also through administrative and political obstacles.

So much the more, it is important when artists take the initiative to develope a cultural project. And their wish to ignore these obstacles and problems with the intention of bringing a normality through professional exchange.

With great pleasure, we have embraced the wish of the artist, Aviva Shermer from Haifa. A personal initiative from an artist contributing to the development of relationships between artists and cultural activities between both our countries.

This secures for the artists, the chance, indeed directly to learn to know and to understand, the differences and also connections in our art and culture. In the ways of life of our countries, our common but also our individual history.

I am pleased that there will be many more personal and professional encounters between artists from Haifa and Berlin.

Sabine Schneider, April 2015 1st Chairman of the Society of Berlin Artists ... Translation: Marilyn Green Member of the Society of Berlin Artists